The main goal of this site is to create an ultimate collection of good habits. I believe that with the help of proven, recommended habits, everyone can significantly improve their standard of living. Make one change that will work for him all his life.

To make it real and close, we would like to create a community in which people will openly share their life experiences, knowledge and data on the habits that they have. In such a society – the main goal and strength that will allow the project to be successful and useful.

Each person has the opportunity to register on the site and offer their material for adding. We are confident that personal stories will be the most valuable materials that will provide insight, motivation and instruction for action. We are confident that your story can make people’s lives better.

To ensure that readers receive only the best content, we are planning two stages of content review. The first is moderation after writing a post, which will allow you to modify the content or reject it if it is of poor quality. The second stage is an open vote for the quality of the content. It will allow you to read the most useful content in the section first and save a lot of time for readers.

We anticipate that the most useful content will be of the following types:
Personal stories of learning good habits
Research about an existing habit or a habit that is not yet in the database
The personal achievement habits sheet that was used
Other Interesting, funny, or motivating habits on the topic.
We’ve also added a large base of piercings. The base will be structured and will allow you to find both lists of habits for typical goals and a specific habit that the reader needs at a particular stage in his unique life.

We also plan to add free and paid materials on how to develop a habit to habits to make this process simple and enjoyable.

Habit sheets can be saved in your account, shared, and recommended to friends and family. It is very important for everyone to feel the community that supports the process of change, which is often not so simple. And we will give as much as possible to make it easier.

Since there is a common set of knowledge out of habits, which is quite universal, we also added a section – Encyclopedia. It will be possible to learn what a pirate is, how it works, how it is formed and what the main difficulties may be encountered on the way. The common lafhaki and ToDo lists of this section will help everyone who is on the path of self-development and wants to use the tools of habits to the fullest.

I got the idea for this site for two reasons:
I love research and am a little lazy. I wanted to find those habits that would raise my standard of living to another level. That is why I love the topic of habits and enjoy spending a lot of time digging into them.
Having studied a huge amount of information, I realized that it is not very practical and not structured. After spending a lot of time studying them, I realized that this is a very long and laborious process. And I would not like that everyone close to this topic would spend so much time. Instead, he received ready-made answers that can be used immediately.

It will be great if people with similar values ​​and views can unite within this digital space and be able to implement this ambitious and much-needed project.

Konstantin Goncharov